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The MAKE IT podcast salutes the Indie Film Creative. Join us weekly for candid conversations with seasoned pros, offering advice, knowledge, and industry insights to fast-track the journey for aspiring film professionals. Discover inspiration and guidance tailored for your cinematic path.

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Oct 23, 2019

In this week's episode, we have a conversation with Writer and Director Joey von Haeger. We talk about the biggest pitfalls new filmmakers should avoid, the reason he hasn't moved to Los Angeles, and why Star Trek is better than Star Wars. Enjoy! 


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Oct 15, 2019

Hello! On this Indie Talk week, we get tactical about how to get the most out of your festival run. We dive into how to ensure a sellout at your feature film premiere, how to break the ice when networking, and some of the ways you can brand and market yourself or your services during a festival. Enjoy! 



Oct 1, 2019

"If you can figuratively get naked in front of your audience as an artist...that's what creates the best art." - Matt Williams 


In this episode, we have a conversation with Actor and Writer Matt Williams. We chat about why creative work dries-up and what to do about it, what makes for the rawest art, and why Method...