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The MAKE IT podcast is our homage to the Indie Film Creative. Each week we interview experienced Creatives who aim to help aspiring professionals in Film get where they're going faster by providing their advice, knowledge, and insights into the film industry.

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Aug 30, 2019

"If we're rehearsing something, writing something, do not waste my time, let's get to work. Come over, let's work on what we're going to work on, and then if you want to go get a beer, we'll go get a beer." - Ted Welch

On this episode, we have a conversation with actor and writer, Ted Welch. We talk about his new film Adult Interference, how his approach to acting has changed since his roles in The Help and True Blood, and what his biggest pet-peeves are on-set and off. This is Ted's second appearance on the show. Enjoy! 


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All Light Will End (film)

Chris Farley (actor)

Bill Murray (actor)

Jim Carrey (actor)

Eddie Murphy (actor)

Kevin Costner (actor)

Sylvester Stallone (actor)

First Blood (film)

Mike Myers (actor)

Cobra Kai (tv series)

The Goonies (film)

Die Hard (film)

The Monster Squad (film)

The Lost Boys (film)

Gremlins (film)

Caddyshack (film)

Back to the Future (film)

True Romance (film)

Natural Born Killers (film)

Can’t Hardly Wait (film)

Uncle Buck (film)

John Candy (actor)

John Hughes (writer)

The Breakfast Club (film)

Dead Poets Society (film)

Emilio Estevez (actor)

Forever Young (film)

Joshua Bermudez (actor)

Ethan Hawke (actor)

Robert DeNiro (actor)

Denzel Washington (actor)

Helen Mirren (actress)

Willem Dafoe (actor)

Aaron Eckhart (actor)

Clive Owens (actor)

Sam Rockwell (actor)

Regina King (actress)

Naomie Harris (actress)

Adult Interference (film)

Valerie Jane Parker (actress)

Dean Shortland (actor)

Sara Antonio (actress)

Sarena Khan (actress)

Jackie Phillips (producer)

Stefanie Black (producer)

Christine Woods (actress)

Mike Vogel (actor)

Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood (film)