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May 3, 2024

Hello, Hello!


In this episode of The MAKE IT Podcast, Chris and Nick discuss the current state of film, television, and streaming content. They delve into topics around content overload, authenticity, influencer personas, and actors' early roles. The hosts also play a trivia game, guessing actors' first feature films and providing film recommendations.


We also talk about:


  • The impact of too much content on meaningful conversations and shared experiences around entertainment
  • Maintaining personas as influencers and the challenges of breaking persona 
  • Mike Tyson's boxing style and persona shift compared to a child throwing a tantrum
  • Representation and authenticity in films, discussing the movie "Monkey Man"
  • Playing a trivia game where Nicholas guesses the first feature films of various actors




Housekeeping: The show Chris called the 3 Body Project is actually titled, 3 Body Problem. Guy Ritchie’s new series is called The Gentleman, and the YouTuber Chris can’t remember is Mrwhosetheboss. Finally, Mike Tyson is fighting Jake Paul (not Logan). 



Indie Artist Spotlight


Since their inception, California-based duo PRXZM (pronounced “prism”) has been enthralling global audiences with their distinct fusion of '80s-infused synth-pop. Emma and Nick have consistently transformed their craft, blending mesmerizing vocal performances with ethereal synths across four EPs and an upcoming album. “In A Way” paints a sparkly, ethereal dreamscape that almost hypnotizes you out of feeling the emotions the lyrics invoke, is an ode to a healthy breakup, or a healthy end to something that never was, or never could be.



Artist: PRXZM 


Track:  In A Way


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