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The MAKE IT podcast salutes the Indie Film Creative. Join us weekly for candid conversations with seasoned pros, offering advice, knowledge, and industry insights to fast-track the journey for aspiring film professionals. Discover inspiration and guidance tailored for your cinematic path.

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Apr 23, 2024

Hello, Hello!


In this episode, we have a conversation with Cinematographer Micah Simms. Chris interviews Micah about his career journey and experiences working in commercials and films. They discuss Micah's passion for the craft of Cinematography and his collaborative work with Directors like Motke Dapp.


We also talk about:

- Techniques for lighting and shooting scenes effectively 
- Challenges of the film industry and finding work-life balance
- Maintaining integrity through difficult content decisions 
- Advice for aspiring cinematographers starting out




Indie Artist Spotlight


Morning Silk is a New York-based alternative indie rock/pop recording project led by Frank Corr. Signature drums, synth sounds, and a wall of screaming guitars can be recognized as Morning Silk's production style. So Fun is a made-up story written in Italy about a time-traveling being from the 1700s who follows someone he found outside in his estate's garden into a portal and is transported into a dance club in the future.


Artist: Morning Silk


Track: So Fun (Remix)


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