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Apr 2, 2024

Hello, Hello!


In this episode, Chris has a conversation with Jason Padgitt, Executive Director of the Nashville Film Festival. They discuss Jason's role and responsibilities at NaFF, the film selection process, balancing industry and artistic interests, and the future of AI in filmmaking. Enjoy this insightful conversation about the inner workings of a major independent film festival.


We also talk about:

- Importance of music and music-based films to NaFF
- Balancing industry influence with artistic integrity in programming
- Role of technical quality versus storytelling in film selections

- Managing filmmaker expectations for a music-focused regional festival
- Trends in annual programming "points of view"
- Role of opening credits in assessing a film
- Potential for new "Best AI Film" categories in the future





Indie Artist Spotlight



Artist: The Familiar


Track: Starry Eyes


Above the Arctic Circle during Norway’s season of darkness, a chance encounter between an American and a Norwegian spawned a transatlantic musical partnership called The Familiar. The duo of native New Yorker Ruth Mirsky and Tromsø-born producer Mads Martinsen is the northern lights meeting the skyscrapers of New York. "Starry Eyes" tells the story of a woman that knows the odds are stacked against her, but remains optimistic that if she follows her best instincts, satisfaction will arrive. A pebble starts a landslide right?