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Welcome, Film Creatives!

The MAKE IT podcast is our homage to the Indie Film Creative. Each week we interview experienced Creatives who aim to help aspiring professionals in Film get where they're going faster by providing their advice, knowledge, and insights into the film industry.

We hope you love it. 

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Sep 24, 2019

Hello all, on this week's episode of Indie Talk, we discuss the nature of great art versus highly derivative art (and how to avoid the latter), a new way to view the EMMY Awards as a casting research tool, and the possibility of living forever. Enjoy!




The Farewell (film)


Sep 17, 2019

"Live your life for a short period of time the way most people won't, to live the rest of your life the way most people can't." - Rasheed Stephens

On this episode, we have a conversation with comedian, writer, actor, and producer Rasheed Stephens. We chat about his creative mindset, how to know when you're going bomb a...

Sep 7, 2019

On this episode, Chris and guest host Sandrene Mathews talk about the requirements to get into the Writers and Producers guilds, how to spot a snake in the grass in the movie business, and how Deep Fakes might change the film industry in the future. Enjoy! 

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